ok so im starting out in html and know the pure basics of javascript... (know a little bit of c++ but that wont help me here i think)
well anyway i need to make a website and from what im understanding is that javascript basically does animations (i think)
on the sites and things like if you click here, this will happen etc..
so is there a way someone can help me out here?
like tutorials or just tips etc... thanks.

Well you wanna use HTML and Java-Script in your web page.
I think you now decided the best for your page,because Java-Script increases the flexibility of the HTML pages.You can use Java-Script in three ways for your HTML page i.e.1>Inside the head tag,if you want to run java when it is called.
2>Inside the body tag,if you want to run java on loading your page.
3>The most used way i.e. you can write Java-Script externally and link it to your HTML page.
By following the above you can now make your page dynamic and user friendly too!!

You can search javascript event handlers if you like. Javascript has methods like onclick(), onsubmit(), onmouseover() and more to handle those kinds of things.