I have a user on a Website(name withheld) who is clicking on a button which loads the Ajax indicator and then opens a pop-up, but for this particular user the Ajax loads indefinitely he never gets to go to the pop-up, my guess is there is no bug in the code but something is up either with his computer or his browsers since it works fine for all other users on this website, any ideas on what should I tell him?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steps I already took:
- Checked to make sure he’s using a recent browser (IE7 and a pretty new version of Firefox)
- Clear internet cache
- Checked Java; working

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Have them enable and allow pop-ups from your site ??

But that would block a new Window and not an AJAX modal pop-up, look the pop opens but it keeps on loading for him, it is not like the pop-up does not open for him.

anyways he already has our website added to allow pop-ups.

Thanks for your reply :) any other thoughts?


I wasn't aware it was a modal. If you're sure everything is good on your end and the problem most likely lies with the user ... it's tough to tell. Of course it would be way too convenient for him to get an error. He's getting the pop-up so the request seems to be initiating okay, perhaps it's an issue with the server response? Sorry I can't really help, other guys here are downright pros and I merely dabble.


Guys : Any ideas? this continues to be ab issue.

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