Is there difference b/w Javascript & JSP. are JSP is the abbreviation of Javascript. In my point of view Java is totally different from Javascript. There is slight confusion about Javascript &JSP.

Can any one explain it

Actually Javascript and JSP are completely different things.

JSP is a server side language to generate dynamic content. It consists of java code in scriptlets and the web server containing the servlet-container on receiving a request translates and compiles the jsp pages and sends the generated HTML to the browser as a response.

Whereas javascript is used for client-side scripting i.e. it is interpreted at the browser

JavaScript reaches out to more platform than JSP. It can run on the browser, on the Server (, and on the desktop via console ( From my experience JSP is solely for web development on the server.

Also JavaScript is a language. JSP is a web framework based of the Java programming language.

dhtml is a dynamic hypertext markup language and java script is object oriented language.
dhtml have some of attributes that is related with each other in dynamic form.
java script is totally depend on object and its contain