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Desperate stupid question but..

Client side JS is crippled, no file access etc and the browser is also sandboxed but has anyone heard of someone running Server-side JS on the client side in a non-sandboxed browser? I know this sounds insane but in a safe intranet only environment someone could build a nice GUI and have access to the file system. I would like to design an application that could access ports, ie the serial port.

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Server-side JS on the client side

What do you mean Server-side client-side JS? Isn't that like an oxymoron? Or do you mean be able to write a web application that uses JavaScript that has access to system facilities that would be exist on a server-side language?

You could write plugins for browsers, that's the extent of my knowledge. For example, there's a Firefox plugin that functions like an FTP client. I think part of Firefox plugins are written in JS. Maybe the same for Chrome. I don't know of any way though that you can write one plugin that will work on all browsers equally and that can access system facilities. Sorry.

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