hi guys, just wanna ask how could i pass the value of a certain variable coming from one frame into another frame having that the frames are both present in one webpage only??

thanks thanks..^_^

when you say frame im assuming you mean between pages?

If so you can look into $_POST and $_GET

GET sends them via the url where POST it sends them to the specific page.

If you want it all to be processed on the same page, you will need to look into ISSET and PHP_SELF

You've posted in PHP, but your solution is Javascript -

You use the document object model -
Assume in our frame set we have: Left, Center, Right frames.

Then in Center or Right we use: parent.Left.Var01 = 12; to change the value of Var01 in the Left frame.

- Hank Castello, Web-Professor.com

If you are looking to do this actively, then you can pass the php variable from one frame to another using php and javascript. Just a rough example:

top.frames['frameName'].document.getElementById('myvar').value = <? echo $vartopass; ?>;

Just a nudge. My 2ยข. Hope this helps. :)