I am trying to build a crystal report view.
As a newbie here, i have no idea how connect it to my database.

I am refering to a tutorial in here (link)


In the tutorial it teaches the connection of the database using
But i failed, because the connection it make is using SQLExpress Server. I did not found in my VS2008.
My db file is in (.mdf) file format located inside (\App_Data) folder.

I only see my computer name (KELVINTEOH-PC) as the only 1 server exist there

I oso include an image(severexplorer.jpg) to support my statement.
Can someone give me guide?

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Thx Sir for the reply. I still cant figure out how to connect into my SQLExpress Server. Without connection into it, i cant access my database to extract my data.
Maybe u have suggestion for me on how to use Dataset method. Because i use the method to do Microsoft Report Viewer and it success. I can find my database.

Have a look at tutorials - http://www.beansoftware.com/ASP.NET-Tutorials/Using-Crystal-Reports.aspx

You should have to use Push method (DataSet).

>I still cant figure out how to connect into my SQLExpress Server.

You have two options:

1. Use classes of System.Data.SqlClient namespace
2. Create Typed DataSet (Add New Item from ...)

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