I am currently using xampp with all the preloaded add ons, such as tomcat, mysql and apache. When i try to connect to the database through my computer with windows xp, it works perfectly fine. But when i changed it to another OS, windows vista. It keeps giving me the error, Communication Failure During Handshake.

So can i safely deduce that it is the OS problem ?


If you found solution would be nice if you share it instead of just simply closing down thread...

What i did was to reinstall the whole xampp again and download mysql-connector. Store it in the same folder as xampp and copy mysql-connector...bin.jar file into xampp/tomcat/lib and to xampp/tomcat/webapps/<foldername>/WEB-INF/lib

That was what i did, any better solutions ?

You should really install only server and database and configure it to your need. Do you need PHP option which comes with xampp? Basic configuration is not so difficult and be found here.
Also it would be better if you keep only one instance of the JAR preferably one with project