Now that Perl is losing its popularity, which one the these languages will be the next to go: PHP or ASP?

Which one of them do you like best? and why?

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PHP is open source and has a massive community supporting and developing it. It is the obvious choice for anyone choosing a server side language.

Perl has a small community, but it is a strong community. They have regular meetings - social and technical - they have an excellent glocal repository of modules and scripts http://www.cpan.org and the language is tried and tested. It is still alive and kicking!


it's been php as the main web programming language for about ten years now - where have you been? ;)


There are other options too, Ruby on Rails is hugely popular for example.

BTW if you ask such a question ("Do you like PHP or ASP better?") in a PHP forum, you are likely to get a fairly biased answer :P


I prefer php as asp is so overly complex and poorly designed. Asp reminds me too much of Basic and as I am a Fop believer (Function Oriented Programming) I much prefer php.


.asp will be preferred by those unlucky few with windows servers, a proprietary Microsoft product with all the bugs holes and illogicalities that implies

for the 90% on other than windows hosts there is .php

why pay for something where the free one works better


I think PHP will stay with us for a while...
I have also researched on Ruby On Rails and it is definitely the future...but I don`t think that PHP will loose the "fight" too soon

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