Hi All,

I'm trying to access php-code on another url:

Local php-code test.php:

include( "http://www.mysite.eu/ext.php");

  echo "Local call!";
  echo "External call: ".GetExternal( );

And the code on the other url in ext.php:


function GetExternal( )
  $output = "This is external text";
  return $output;

My page comes up with the error:
Local call!
Fatal error: Call to undefined function GetExternal() in D:\Develop\www\test\test.php on line 6

Can someone give me a hint on how to solve this ??

Thanks in advance!


Can't do that, has to be a local file. If you do an include() on a remote file it'll pretty much just gets the file like you would hit it in the browser. Remote file includes are just a bad idea all around.

oh may gloeh

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