I'm launching an multi outlet online food ordering website - most of the coding etc has been done I just have a couple of problems, one of which is this....

I want to add a min order requirement so that if the order comes in at £8 the order is accepted, or if it comes in at £7.99 or under the order cannot complete.

Baring in mind that this is going to be different on each clients page, a universal code would be really good where I simply change the £X amount on each.

Also a message should appear to advide the customer that their order hasn't reached the min order requirment.

Many thanks for your help.


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There's no way to just hand you an answer for this, as it all depends on the code in place on your site. You need to go back to your developer with this request. If you're using an off-the-shelf e-commerce package and don't have a developer, you might consider hiring one for this, as a change to your checkout might require more than just a few lines of code.

At the very least, someone here might be able to help if we know what e-comm package you're using.

Not using an e-com package, the script is a combo of JS and PHP...you can see it here: www.kwipple.com - test website.

well I checked out the website and the coding is pretty good of what i can see, if you dont mind im going to print out source code and check it out for you, and if i can i will give you an answer. When i get one I will tell you.

no problem, do what you have to do :0)


Uh...looks like you are using an e-comm package from smartname.com. If your site is just a frame for their platform, it may be up to them how much customization you can do.

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