So what im doing is actually in php, but just wanted to know whats the working logic of what im trying to do. I currently have 2 servers(virtual machines). i have a php file in ubuntu server that calls some other files on the windows server and vice versa. as of now, i am able to call the files just fine. the problem im having is the ip changes every time i reboot the machines(duh;). so i have to manually go change the ip address every time in my php files for them to find the other server. is there a way that each server gets the ip of the other automatically so i dont have to do it manually?. I hope my question was clear.any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

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I would suggest to contact your VPS provider in this case and to make sure that the virtualization software is configured properly. Generally, the IP address of VPS should not be get changed everytime you reboot it.


the servers are on my HDD. they are local. and since i have bridged the adapters, they do acquire different IP's everytime. i need to have them bridged. any ideas?

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