im building an app wher i want to retrieve data from PDF which will be questions of some sort...like as follows..

A. Group A
A.1 Whats your name?
A.1.1 Whats your Middle name?
A.1.2 Whats your sur name?

The questions could also be like as follows..
A. question 1?

my problem is i want to split the questions & sort them according to the groups...
ther could be multiple groups..Like A,B,C & so on..

Can any1 please tell me how to do that?? im using C# & ASp.net..i have got code to read from PDF but not getting how to split it..

can any1 pl tell m??? its reli urgent..

Thanks in advance..

>Urgent:How to Split the Data..


first u have to take all the question in one string and then you have to take array of string and use split keyword in ur condition u can split by '?' character
for example

string[] optvalue = val.Split(new char[] { '?' });

here val is the string that contain all the question