site with issue:

ok, ive tried and tried, no luck.
what i am trying to do is:

1) the modal dhtml sign/window auto load (but only one time per user)
2) on completing the form, and hitting submit, i want the parent window refreshed (to show new content that was just added)...

i have just been trying to get the parent window to refresh.. spent hours...
i seem to have got it to, but it is as if it is reloading before the form is processed, the only way to get the form contents to show up that were just entered, is to reload the page manually...

so, how do i have the page reload after form completion (hitting submit)

and last, (point number 1) is it possible for the SIGN window to auto load, but only once (because if the parent window is refreshing during form submit, then the sign modal window will re-appear, correct?

i hope this makes sense..
thanks for your time
(these little dumb problems just gnaw away at me)
i have it loading an iframe (i tried ajax, but my repatcha wasnt showing)

thanks a bunch!

i have been reading eveyrthing over at and man, not very helpful...
the captcha is not appearing if i use ajax...
i have inserted

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

"recaptcha_div", {
   theme: "red",
   callback: Recaptcha.focus_response_field

at the top of my page... driving me nutso