I wasn't sure where to post this...sorry if its in the wrong topic

I was wondering if anyone could determine for me what language is integrated with this html and possibly some resources - like tutorials or basic examples so I know what I'm looking at.

<ss:set name="border" value="border:1px solid #cccccc;padding:10px;"/>

<ss:set name="style1" value="width:20%;"/><ss:set name="eBaystyle1" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style2" value="width:20%;"/><ss:set name="eBaystyle2" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style3" value="width:20%;"/><ss:set name="eBaystyle3" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style4" value="width:20%;"/><ss:set name="eBaystyle4" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style5" value="width:20%;"/><ss:set name="eBaystyle5" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style6" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style7" value="width:20%;"/>
<ss:set name="style8" value="width:20%;"/>

<ss:if test="$store.showWelcomeCustomText">
	<p><ss:font source="$font.heading"><b>Welcome <ss:value source="$customer.firstName"/> to <ss:value source="$store.name"/></b></ss:font></p>
	<p><ss:font source="$font.paragraph"><ss:value source="$storeVersion.customText['welcome']"/></ss:font></p>

<!-- determine if any products exist -->
<!--  hold on to the results -->
<ss:set name="products" value="$store.products.getProductsAtRandom('8')"/>
<!--  check to see if we have any -->
<ss:if test="$products">
	<!-- random products-->
	<!-- set a flag indicating the product exists and switch the style to an outline -->
	<ss:foreach item="product" within="$products">
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 1">
				<ss:set name="product1" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style1" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 2">
				<ss:set name="product2" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style2" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 3">
				<ss:set name="product3" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style3" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 4">
				<ss:set name="product4" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style4" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 5">
				<ss:set name="product5" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style5" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 6">
				<ss:set name="product6" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style6" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 7">
				<ss:set name="product7" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style7" value="$border"/></ss:when>
			<ss:when test="$counter.currentRow == 8">
				<ss:set name="product8" value="$product"/>
				<ss:set name="style8" value="$border"/></ss:when>

thank you; this came from the intuit store builder. The tech support person said that it was sml (at least thats what i heard) , so I tried looking up sml - but that wasn't it and neither was ssml "speech synthesis markup language".