Well, for those experts there, how do you guys master PHP Programming Language?

I can't seem to find any good courses in colleges / uni that offers a subject on "PHP Language" ...

So, how do you guys managed to learn it? Via books and e-books?.

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I had programming experience in Assembler, Basic, Cobol, Pascal, and a few others. About three years ago we had problems with a website at my work and this site is mostly written in PHP with a Mysql database behind it.
So I bought "PHP and MySQL web development", third edition written by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson (ISBN 0-672-32672-8). That helped me a lot. The book starts with small problems and progressively goes to bigger ones. It's not a book you will be able to read in one night (it has 945 pages).
And I had working PHP code to work with. The website was written by somebody who had left, but his code was still working. And for learning I find it a lot easier to modify existing code instead of beginning from scratch.
There are without doubt a lot more books that can help you start your PHP career.

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