Why would one file, which was made by, oh, I don't know, my teacher, work fine when uploaded to the server I need to store it on for my grade but when I try opening it on my local lamp server, it completely breaks?

Here's a picture of what it looks like when I open it:


And here's a picture of what it looks like on the server:


I've checked permissions & nothing seems to help. I've opened other php files & they work perfectly. And also ran phpinfo() just for fun.

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Is the directory structure the same for both servers? and are the required files in the same locations?

They aren't the same, however, I just tried it on my personal server & it works fine. So, what I'm going to do is not worry about developing it locally on my machine, but just ssh/ftp into my box when I need to.

Thanks for the advice, though. :D

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