Hello !
I'm working on a project which allows user to design forms/questionnaires using asp.net website, and once done.
The questions should be generated on a .net mobile web page to be filled up using mobile phone browser.

The question is - when designing the form is done,

should I use DDL statements to CREATE a Database TABLE for every new form created?
Or Is there any other solution to allow user to design the schema (edit) using the website?
Or should I opt for using schema-less database (to which am not familiar with)?

Thanks in advance.. waiting for your suggestions ! :)

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thanks for the response finally some1 willing to help me out :D!
i went through profiler state but i need to store the data that is filled in the form using the mobile webpages to a database.. (not as a profile to user) .. the project is aiming at "textual data collection using mobile phones".. so the forms designed by the website will be used by field workers (for example) to collect data using their mobile phone and saved to the database of the organization..


Some1 please help me out on the above question ^^^!
Thanks in advance :)

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