can some wan say me , a script or a php code to make the website to have more language thx :D

embed the google translate widget in your menu include
machine translation is not perfect,
but for an accurate idiomatic human translation you pay too much

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

set the source language to the correct 2 character setting in the above scrap,(up_source_language=**) or goto google and get a customized translator for your site from the widgets page

HM , :( sory but im new in php programing can you give me a exemple ? thx

that IS the example
that is the entirety of google translator, 1 script call,
assuming your site is properly designed and the menuing system is an include file in each page, you just add the code scrap to , , tutorial , to your menu file and every page gets the google translate box
the translator is intelligent, if you select a language on this page, the language continues on following links to other pages