Hi fellow devs, not sure if this is the right place to post but I wanted to share my application with you, in the hope that it may be useful to someone if you are developing a website and need an off the shelf gallery...

xFlow! (http://xflow.pwhitrow.com) is a gallery application that has been built to answer the internet's demand for a fully functional Coverflow style gallery, that isn't written in Flash or jQuery.

Written in pure PHP and Javascript, it's a breeze to setup and administer, and boasts a wealth of features…

Main features:

* Creates all thumbnails in PHP to reduce overall Javascript memory requirement (other galleries use Javascript image reflection scripts)
* Items are aligned in a curved plain to aid perspective affect
* Items psuedo fade as they move back out of focus
* Galleries are housed in their own directories for SEO enhancement
* Each gallery is controlled by an XML file in RSS format to enable linking and following of individual galleries by RSS subscription (example)
* Import Flickr photo streams
* Import YouTube video streams
* A 'sitemap' file is produced using the recognised sitemaps.org protocol for enhanced SEO purposes
* Images can be watermarked during upload process to make image theft more difficult, and to promote your own work
* Apply image effects (Sepia, Greyscale) to images
* Images can be resized during upload
* Images can be rotated during upload
* Images or videos can be uploaded from a local source (your machine/device) or a remote location (another website)
* Other galleries can be displayed as tiny thumbnails or standard links at the bottom
* Automatically creates a unique favicon for each gallery
* Built in custom image viewer (NOT Lightbox!)
* Display items in first to last or last to first order
* Mouse wheel support in gallery and viewer
* Lazy loading (preloading) of main images in the background for slick image browsing
* Individual titles and descriptions for all items
* Items can be shifted around until you get the order you want
* Fully customisable gallery options per individual gallery
* Automaticalley create a gallery from an uploaded ZIP archive of images & videos
* Automaticalley create a gallery from a directory of images or videos, or a combination of both
* Language support
* Easy to re-style with a single style sheet
* Supports GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats
* Supports Flash Video (FLV) video format

Bonus features:

* xFlow! validates to XHTML 1.0 STRICT
* xFlow! is compatible with the latest browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
* xFlow! is built to the latest W3C standards

I hope it can be of some use.


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Sounds like you're advertising, perhaps better to put it in "Show Off Your Projects".

You fail to mention that it's not free. The site mentions making a donation. No - a donation is voluntary to my mind. You're selling a product for a set fee, not asking for donations.

It looks good by the way, but there are a few equally good galleries available for free. OK, they may use jQuery, but that's pretty irrelevant for most people. You yourself have used JS, so I don't really see much difference.

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