Hi everyone,

I have a task to generate reports in my project. I am using JasperReports for the reporting purpose and generating the reports using servlets.

The reports should be generated and displayed as pdf file in the client's browser window.

Now every thing is working fine except the no of pages of the pdf increases huge. So I decided to implement the pagination.

I am able to implement the pagination when displaying the reports as html/jsp pages in the client browser. But the requirement is I need to achieve the same in PDF fiels also.

I don't have any Idea, how to do this.

If any body can, Please guide me how to do this. I am eagarly waiting for any ideas or suggestions how to do this.

Note: I need the Ideas or suggestions which explains how to achieve the target and not much of the exact code. But it can contains some small piece of code or explanatory codes if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Check your pdf generation library. Most will have options for pagination and other sectioning.