I was looking for Jump start tutorial for JSP/MySQL. I found Peter budo's sticky. Since I wanted to learn it even offline I decded to put it in word Doc.

I will nice format it if I get time and make PDF out of it. However I know some might have that time or might be more skilled than I do. So I post here with very little editing (And formatting of course).

I have to rush somewhere, so if you have time, take it add something and repost back. Peter, please check if there is anything to add or remove, even my bragging ;)


Here is screenshot of project structure.

It shows basic structure if you learn from basic environment (command line, or IDE like JCreator). In case you would use more advanced IDE your source files and compiled classes would be kept in different locations. However for the purpose of understanding and learning basic this is fine.

I will update it. Do you have anything you will want to add? I have an assignment to do this week may be next week I will beautify it and PDFing it :)

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