I am having a problem getting an old ColdFusion program to a vb.net program. Its a distributor finder and I'm trying to take the existing code and move it into a vb.net enviroment. the problem is that I am almost there and this particular program has this code:

          	<td colspan="17" align="center"><a href="default.aspx"><img src="images/Dominae-withPeerlessLogo.png" alt="Click here to return to the homepage and look for another distributor." border="0" /></a></td>

    	<td colspan="12">
                   <td colspan="5" align="right">
            	<a href="javascript:history.go(-1)"><img src="images/button-back2-small.png" border="0" alt="Click here to go to the previous page...." /></a>
        	<form action="DisplayDistributors.aspx?MarketID=#URL.MarketID#&StateID=#URL.StateID#&DistributorCompanyID=999&DistAscOrDesc=Asc">
           		    	<input type="hidden" name="DistSortBy" value="Contact" />
		        		<input type="submit" value="Contact" class="Sort-button" /> 

So my problem is in this section;

<form action="DisplayDistributors.aspx?MarketID=#URL.MarketID#&StateID=#URL.StateID#&DistributorCompanyID=999&DistAscOrDesc=Asc">

I keep on getting an error ( Element 'form' cannot be nested within element 'html')

So I'm thinking that I made a mistake transferring this code from Cold Fusion to vb.net. Can I fix this?


Kevin Tucker

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Is this the whole code for starters your missing the </body> close tag and <HTML> start and close tag

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