I have a project that requires me to use two different servers. It's a website, half is written in PHP and the other in ASP.NET both on separate servers. The problem is the ASP.NET address in an IP like Is there anyway to change this in C# or IIS so it looks like the original address?

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--Click Sites in the Google Apps control panel.
--On the Sites Settings page, select the Web address mapping tab.
--Click Add a new web address.
--Enter the location of the site you want to map ('yoursite' in the example above).
--In the 'Web Address' field, enter the sub-domain you'd like to map it to (www in the example above).
--Select Add mapping and follow the instructions provided. -Depending on your domain registrar, you may need to make CNAME changes. You'll see instructions for making CNAME changes after you select Add mapping.

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