Hi everyone,

I really need to figure out how to manipulate the Multiview control with a dropdown list control.

Also, what is the C# equivalent to this VB Code

MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = RadioButtonList1.SelectedValue

The following does not work...

MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = RadioButtonList1.SelectedValue;

Anyone please help, i'm coding with C# and using Visual Web developer 2005.

MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = RadioButtonList1.SelectedIndex;


int n;
 int.TryParse(RadioButtonList1.SelectedValue,out n);
 MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = n;

Thanks for the help. However, I ended up using some button controls to do the View switching. and presented it on Monday. - it worked out alright, but in the next project I will definately want to be using the Dropdownlist control.

Thanks again your help.

I'm glad you got it working. Please mark this thread as solved if you have found an answer to your question and good luck!

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