Hi every one
How are you my friends?
I need your help
I began to programming ruby for 2 weeks and now
i want to work on ruby on rails and of course i need
a good DBMS, so i decided to use a SQLServer for my work
but with my little knowledge i can't configure a ruby on rail with
SQLServer 2008, so i need your advise to help me to solve my problem.

please give me a complete advise please.
thanks and thanks so much

Best Regards

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please try the help from this link


commented: Your link is for Ruby not Ruby on Rails which has 3 built in sql databases it works best with. Please give links that have to do with the topic, not something close to the topic. +0

To the person who started this thread, I highly reccomend that you use the Databases that RoR works best with, which are My SQL, SQL Lite, and PostgreSQL. I've never heard of anyone using any other database besides these three. Anything is possible, but it would probably be a nightmare to get it to work. Check out the official guides for Ruby on Rails that explain how to configure the three main databases that are used in testing and as far as I know launch. I prefer MY SQL over any of the others.

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