Nice place you have here :)

I would like to set up sms text jokes for my website. I hope I'm asking the right thing?!

I want members to be able to send text jokes to their friends.

Nirvana would be if they could send text, pics/video, and mp3. Sadly, I'm not a programmer :(

The script I use is onarcade, but I use it for a joke site. It works well for it, but I'm clueless how to do what I want.

If anyone is interested or has any ideas please post me a message :D I know I'm new to this forum, but if anyone is interested my trader rating at DNforum is 100%. I'm good for it :)

Thanks for looking!


What you are looking to do would require pretty seasoned PHP knowledge. You would need a txt messaging API (Which costs a good amount).

After that you would need a good PHP script to validate the joke, correct encoding errors... a lot of things.

I suggest you either: Learn PHP or equivalent language or hire someone to do this for you.

I'm willing to hire someone to do it. Finding a qualified person is the task.

Thanks for your help!


*Points at self* =)

Yeah? How much? Hum...?

Was more or less a Joke. I'm swamped right now currently.

I'd suggest looking at http://www.freelancer.com/ Usually have some good programmers.

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