i need to upload images in imagegallery throuhg plugin in '/wp-content/images' folder.
for that i need to set this path in 'Miscellaneous Settings' given in wordpress.
if i give '/wp-content/images' there, all the images i upload in wordpress will be going tho this folder..
otherwise if i give the option "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" then the images uploaded willbe going to seperate folders but retriving that is difficult...
how can i solve this....

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Which gallery plugin are you using?

I tried my owm plugin to add images in wp-content/images folder... when I change Miscellaneous Settings, my plugin was working but other images in post have some problm.. images are not displying.

Try defining the uploading folder/path in your plugin script.



    $filename = $_FILES['userfile1']['name'];
    $filfolder2 = $filename;
    $src = $_FILES['userfile1']['tmp_name'];
    $dst = "/var/www/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/".$_FILES['userfile1']['name'];


this is the code...

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