I was wondering if anyone over here could help me figure out why this thumbnail generator is not working.

I am using the http://code.google.com/p/smart-lencioni-image-resizer/

I have a discussion on his google group going but he I am not really getting anywhere over there on getting this issue figured out.

I have the slir folder uploaded to my root directory and I have the HTML code in one page and nothing works.

<img src="/slir/w100-h100/cartoons/bike003.jpg" border="0"  />

I have the config renamed properly and everything seems to be in order but I do not get an image. GD is enabled.

If anyone knows what is wrong that would be awesome. OR if you know of something else that works pretty easily, that crops and re sizes the photos that's would be awesome.


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Check and see if Imagmagick is installed to resize the images.

no, Imagemagick is not installed. I am assuming I need it for the script to work. Is this something I will have to ask the web host for, or can I install this on my own?

You don't need ImageMagick, SLIR requirements are GD library for image manipulation and PHP 5.1.0+

Are you using PHP and if yes, which version?

PHP Version 5.2.6

I till cannot figure out how to get this to work.. Does anyone else know of any other options for creating thumbnails? Or know how to get this one to work?

Yeah that website is great. But how do I do that when I am calling on hundreds of images from a database?

sweet I will give that a try and let you know if it works! thanks.

Ok so the phpThumb works freaking awesome!! There are a few issues that I do not understand and maybe someone can help me out with it.

Currently I am using "&w=100&zc=1" for my test with thumbnails being pulled from a database. Now when the page loads there are a few images that show the blue phpThumb error box. I reload the page and those original error images now load, but a few others do not. How do I fix this to make them all load?

As a note, I did not do anything to the config file, maybe there is something in there that I need to alter. ( did rename it and take off the default on the end)

Any suggestions?

Hard to say. Never had an issue that loaded only part of the images. Do you have this online (if so, please provide an url) or local ?

Here is a link to the album. http://www.kimmijean.com/viewAlbum.php?aid=4

@vicky, I may be understanding your solution wrong, but I am just trying to get my thumbnails to display. I already have my full gallery built and it works fine without the PHPthumb, I am just trying to integrate phpthumb into my gallery.


It complains that you have anti offsite linking turned on, yet that domain is not in the config. Try turning it off, see what happens.

Ok I just changed it from false to true to see what happeneds.

Where do I add the domains?

// * Off-server Thumbnailing Configuration:
// If false will allow thumbnailing from any source domain
// This is the list of domains for which thumbnails are allowed to be created. Note: domain only, do not include port numbers. The default value of the current domain should be fine in most cases, but if neccesary you can add more domains in here, in the format "www.example.com"

I doesnt seem to work when I set to ture.


$PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['nohotlink_valid_domains'] = array(@$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'www.kimmijean.com');

No, I am still getting the error message. There has to be something in the config file that is wrong or something I just dont know what it could be.

Am out of ideas.

I think this has something to do with it being connected to the database. I tried switching some stuff around and I am stumped on it. I tried phpThumb support but thats just another forum with not a hole lot of activity.

So if anyone has any ides let me know!!


Ok so I got everything figure out yesterday and got it all working. Everypage on 3 different browsers rendered all thumbnails perfect. But later on that night on a different computer it was only cropping some thumbnails and the others were normal. So I checked a third computer and the same thing. I just checked my computer and the same thing it only crops some thumbnails. I dont get any error messages any more but I am not getting cropped images now.

Any suggestions?

Also in safari there is one image that looks like its got some negative filter on it but its only that way in safari. Any suggestions on that?

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