Dear all,

I developed a web application and it is working fine, except for one issue. The application includes uploading files from a JSP to my servlet, and the issue is that i would like to have a limit for the uploaded files on the client side (before actually uploading it).

I investigated alot and found some ways like changing my JSPs to PHPs, which is not feasable for my application. I would also like to add that using the Flash component ("<object>") for uploading is not feasable also at this time. Using ActiveX does not work also (for some security issues in javascript, it can not access the system information, also ActiveX works only on IE).

I would like to add that I have my application running on Oracle application Server, JSPs for displaying the forms, MultiPart Java API for getting the form input values and files to my servlet and everything is developed in JAVA.

I would like some help to solve this problem, either by limiting the file size or the limiting the whole request size sent to the servlet.

Thanks in advance and I really appreciate your help.

afaik there's no way to do that clientside without resorting to applets or flash.
Javascript (which you'd have to use) has no such functionality and for good reasons, it's no intended for interacting with the filesystem.