I have developed a login window using asp, in .aspx format. This i need to link to an another program where it is windows application in the sense, homepage.vb form.

I need a code to link login.aspx with the home page.vb form

please help me as early as possible.

Thanks and Regards

we could help you if you clarify what you want to do..

Let me explain the u in detail.
First , In sql server i created a New database and then i created a new table. as
UserId, User Name, and Passward.
Secondly, i created a new Text document with .udl extension , and Got even the message Test Connection Succeeded.
Created a new WEB SITE application in asp and then connected to the udl file which helps for the database. and my login window works like when i enter the user name and passward correctly then my home page in .aspx will open.

The another task is been given. here my job lies in Connecting the login page.aspx to .vb (This is the project of the other person, who has written the homepage of our software in windows application of .net). I want to make my project to work like when i open my login form (which is written in .aspx) the user who logs in correctly will be made to open the page what the other person has written. i.e in .vb form. so how do i do that?.

sir plz help me. my last date to submit my project is on 26th of this month.