Hello everyone;
Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I have scoured the web playing with 20+ CMS systems all with great pros and horrible cons - nothing has completely worked for me. I have limited but some php experience and I want to take the next step. I want to attempt to build my very own CMS system; not modify someone elses; but simply build my own. I wish to use php and MySQL and am wondering if anybody on these forums has some advice; maybe some resources/tutorials that I could look at.

I know it wont be Joomla or Wordpress or compareable for quite awhile and I have went through quite a few resources and I am pretty confident that I can succeed in completing this task just want to talk to people who have had experience building their own CMS systems so I dont repeat similar mistakes. My biggest concerns are of course security and useability so any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

Building a serious CMS is a pretty major task. If you are doing it for fun and as a learning exercise and you have a lot of time available then go for it. If you are aiming to have something that you can actually use in a reasonable period of time,then you will want more than basic php skills and you'll probably want a team of people (because that's how the other CMS's are done). I have been using a CMS for myself and for clients for quite a while and I find only positives not a lot of con's. It has a lot of features that I wouldn't get around to building myself, I can customize a template to give it almost any look that I want, they release new features and facilities on a fairly regular basis and if there is a capability that it doesn't have, I can find another open source system and use a wrapper to integrate it (loosely) into the system. It makes the maintenance dead simple for straightforward stuff so I wouldn't even consider trying the build something better. If my requirements went beyond the capabilities of any CMS that I could find, I'd find the one I like the best and then build or improve the pieces that are missing or not adequate.

I wish you good luck.

Thank you for the response Chris; I already have a plan drawn up on what I expect the first version to do and how it should act, etc. So far I know I am probably a year from having it even somewhat to the point where other people might even considering using it as a CMS. I am currently working on putting together the dashboard and thus far it looks really good-I guess time will tell if it winds up to be a success.

It may be instructive for others if you post a progress report now and then.

That wouldnt be a bad idea - are there any forums you would recommend posting the report in? Or should I do it in this one?