I'm trying to stream an HTML file into a Literal control, and have found that the first time it loads, it works just fine. Any framesets defined resolve just fine, and the page works as it should. When I exit the page, then go into it right afterwards, the page no longer resolves.

I tried disabling ViewState, but that did nothing -- the rendered pages don't even have __ViewState in the source when it is enabled; they are simple html.

Is there something else that happens during the page cycle that may be retaining some "memory" that this page has been loaded before, and which may be interfering with a secondary load?


This is now solved. It turns out to have been an issue with page caching. The first time the page loaded correctly, but subsequent loads did not work. When I set the OutputCache Location property to "None", it began working like a charm. I was under the impression that I had already turned off page cacheing, but apparently not!