Hi all,
I am a new developer in J2EE Field working on a web project.
My Requirement is to fetch records from database and display on webpages depends on the scenario.

The Server i am using is Apache Tomcat 5.5 and Database as SQL Server 2005 and IDE as Netbeans IDE 6.7.

I am designing Web pages using JSP in Netbeans. I am able to manage to fetch records from database using Java Beans in an Arraylist and display it on JSP Page using table

But my concern is:- If records are too many then it wud b difficult to manage them . So I wanna display it in a grid type structure with paging .

I searched a lot but hvnt got any suitable solution . Do I need to go for any framework or any plugin need to be installed in netbeans ?

Plz guide me as i dont hv much experience regarding framework in J2EE. I jst know the concepts of servlets, JSPs and Javabeans.