im learning ASP.net and SQL Server and im verrrry new!

i have followed an excellent tutorial (and besides some authentication issues with SQL Server it has gone swimmingly) :)


however im struggling to understand exactly what i have done in this tutorial (obviously following a tutorial is easy - understanding it is the hard bit!)

id like to simply display one image and no text

ive managed to get it to display one image by altering the SQL - but cant seem to remove the text.

can anyone help please :) im sure it would take a pro a second to figure out!


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Umm, where is your code?

How are we supposed to help see what you did wrong if there is no code?


my code is identical to that in the tutorial link :) - i have figured out how to remove text now.

however i have a new issue - im planning on having several separate data grids on a page - each displaying one image from the table.

id like to be able to specify which image go's in which grid - but preferably without making a handler page for each one. is there any way of doing this?

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