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I have made a web-service in php. I had run a load test on the same by using testing tool Jmeter. And got the result in as graph, please help me to analyze the graph. It shows 3 important parameters that are 1)Deviation, 2) Median and 3) Average. Please help to understand how those parameters affect the performance of the web-service ?

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As per The Load Reports guide:

Average is the average time of a set of results.
Median is a number which divides the samples into two equal halves. Half of the samples are smaller than the median, and half are larger. [Some samples may equal the median.] This is a standard statistical measure. The Median is the same as the 50th Percentile.
Standard Deviation is a measure of the variability of a data set. This is a standard statistical measure. See, for example: Standard Deviation entry at Wikipedia. JMeter calculates the population standard deviation (e.g. STDEVP function in spreadheets), not the sample standard deviation (e.g. STDEV).

Hope this helps

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