I have a table with a bunch of check boxes, this is not a plug:(found at http://www.enhancementresearch.com/penis-enlargement.htm), I am trying to figure out how to store each check boxes value in real time (there is no "Submit" button). I run jQuery through my site and heard that simple data storage is possible with jQuery. I don't need any security with this storage although an IP check to make sure the same user isn't clicking/unclicking the same button 100 times would be nice. All I need it to do is store how many times each one is checked (use IP to prevent duplicates) than show them sorted in most checked to least checked order. Also I have a few checked to make sure that people realize those are check boxes(they are jQuery modified), so I would not want those check marks to be counted unless a user actually checks another box(or unchecks one of those two). If you could please give me a pointer as to how this can be accomplished or at least where to begin. I would really prefer to use jQuery but if that is not possible I can work with PHP/SQL too(would really prefer not to though).

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Hmm, it seems this must be done via php it seems...I'll start this thread there...

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