Hi this is my 1st post here. I am trying to integrate a wordpress and bbpress. They were sharing same database, using the user info correctly and working fine apart from I wanted to get it so that users were logged into the other automatically, and have been looking online for days about it. Now I have tried something that made the whole thing break :(
It was in the settings on bb wordpress database settings. I dont even know if this is right place for a question like this. but i have broken it just before a deadline. the config php files look the same info the wordpress still works but now i cant log in to bbpress with the error "Could not establish a database connection " all the user name and passwords are the same as wp that is working.
I don't know where to look..
I know i only changed one setting but now i don't know where to look to fix it or how....

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You don't have a backup??????????????????????????????????

i dont even know!!:(
I thought I was keeping copies of everything but now i have changed the settings in bbpress admin page i cant log in (error couldn't establish connection with database.) the info for database is the same as when it was working and i don't know where the other changes would be made. Thanks for responding even if it was just to join me in the beatings!

He who keeps no backups or isn't sure if he did needs a good beating.
Bet you won't do THAT again...!

The backup I was referring to is independent of the site functionality.
You should have a tar or zip of the entire site( including the db) somewhere on the server or on your local computer. NEVER TINKER WITH A LIVE SITE...especially with no safety net!!!

Too late now, you found out the hard way.

couldn't establish connection with database -- either the user/pass/db in your config file isn't right, or the permissions or password or database name were changed in mysql (assuming that's the db you're using)? Can you otherwise connect to mysql using the user/pass you're trying to connect with in your app?

I guess it could be other things. After JRM takes a few more swings at you I'll go get my cane and complete your beating.

Thank you, beatings humbly received.
This was 1st venture into using myphp admin and i saved existing then deleted. After i had deleted I reinstalled bbpress and could put the same details in bbpress installation that had stopped working. Then I reinstated pages i had adjusted...still not familiar enough with it to reinstate posts but luckily because i'm new there wasn't much. A couple of posts i pasted back manually.
So I did have SOME Backup so not too hard with the stick eh?
I just found export on there and am doing a site ftp, but i still don't really know the best way to Back up. Thanks for your help/beatings

No more beatings. You've suffered enough!
If you do it again , you will be shot at sunrise, though...

First, either find a utility or write a shell program to back-up your site files and directories recursively. also do the database. Back up everything that makes it work.
(some hosting companies do it for you or provide a utility to do so)

Put it into tar or zip someplace above doc root on the server. Use ftp or sftp (better) to download it to your computer. test the backup locally (you will need a few config tweaks to make it run on localhost and a database with a different name/pw.)
If it looks and operates like the live site...job well done!

This is your working file system for editing. I suggest you look into subversion too.
When you upload the WORKING mods that have been THOROUGHLY TESTED, always do a backup of the live site first.
If you are just going to over write the whole thing, do the upload without the local config files, just the nuts and bolts.

Thank you JRM.
Would I be looking at this kind of set up?
and then doing the bbpress forum integration as i did online- or hopefully better since it was in trying to get them even more integrated that I messed it up. (want it so that if a user signs into one they are automatically logged into the other.)
sorry this is so basic (but that's a good starting point I suppose)
I remember installing a php thing locally once but i gave up this time due to deadlines to get it up there.
Last night i went overkill on backing up and i think i backed up the entire internet. well at least my control panel and shopping cart i dont even use.....derrrrrrr....
i found the backup tool in my cpanel now -that i never used...with normal html pages i had files locally so it occurred automatically ...now with the database stuff and php its different.
Thank you again

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