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It's all about design, and you have a lot to think about.
Don't pass the variable in a link. Since you know who the 'manager' is and they are presumably stored on a database somewhere, when you assign them a link to pass out, store that link in a table, in the same table have a points value assigned to that link. Say, link a, 50 pts, link b, 100 pts, or whatever. Then when that link is used for a registration page, look up the stored value of the link points in the database and assign to new user.


thanks for your reply. I am thinking that i will use something like datetime which would convert the datetime into something like 20100618160000, which is year 2010,month 06,day 18 and time 16:00:00. i will create a new table where, i will have the fields, dateticks,user_group,company_name,points. the i want it in that format bcoz i will take this number as the primary key of the field and send a link as xyz.com?value=20100618160000.

so when link is clicked i will get this value, look up the table and get the points and asign it to them. how can i get this datetime format like that?

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