Ok, I have 3 external pages I am loading in three locations on the page. So, I have the following in the head:

function allfunctions(){
clientSideInclude('center', '');
clientSideInclude('right', '');
clientSideInclude('left', '');

Then, I load with:

<body onLoad="allfunctions();">

The body contains some tables, and in each they look like:

<span id="left"></span>
<span id="center"></span>
<span id="right"></span>

Now, this is great and each pages loads fine, but what happens is that NO javascript code will run. So, the right.html page has a few javascript commands and they do not load, same with left.html. Everything else loads fine though, I don't see what I can be missing. Any thoughts?

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Open the page on FireFox and click Tools > Error Console and see what errors you get. I guess it is because the script in embedded in the span and fail to fire. Try write the scripts on the main page ... but that kinda defeat your purpose.

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