I need help. I have a SQL Server database that will store information for events that will be taking place. The sql database looks like (see attached).

I am fairly new to programming so I need a lot of help, please. I need a web page that will allow a user to create an event that will then be added to the database. Then the user will be able to create occurrences for these events with starting dates and times and ending dates and times. There can be several of these occurrences for the one event. I guess I need to know several things. My first question is what is the best way of going about doing this? I first thought of using the wizard control but I did not like how that worked. Plus I cannot wrap my head around how to INSERT the multiple dates for the one event on a single web page into the eventOccurences table. Plus I’m not sure how to get the two different fields of date and time from the web page into the one datetime field in the database. I then need to provide the creator of this event a link so that their users can be sent to a calendar to sign up for the event, which I do not know how to do. I know how to load the events on the calendar as that is already done. I just need some pointers or ideas on how to actually create the event and the event occurrences and the correct way to have them INSERTED into the database. Please help!!!! Thank you.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I had to write it myself. I figured most of it out. Thank you.

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