how to to "ondelete cascade" command with the phpmy admin?

I know how to link the relation between different tables and primary key and foreign keys in the tables but unsure how to put constraints such as "on update cascade" with phpmyadmin......

is it needs to be done just by putting the sql query or there is fronthand page by which we could do in phpmyadmin?

I will appriciate your inputs.


This should be done after you create the FOREIGN KEYS/INDEXES, in your table creation! If I knew what you were exactly doing I could help you more, but I don't so have a look at this link!


Thanks for your reply,

But what I am asking is how to do it with the phpmyadmin. I hope you know about it.

phpmyadmin is front-end tool to use mysql. google it if you dont know about it.

The newest feature added to this front-end application is relational view in which you can set foregin keys without writing commands, by just drop-down menus, but still I am not sure can I put cascading with it or not.......!!!!!!

I will appriciate your inputs, thanks once again........

Ok so i have a site through and they have there databases set up in phpmyadmin.
So i followed this guide to make a table called users.
and in that table i made the username/password thing.
and i made a code for my site and everything.
now im just wondering how to i use phpmyadmin to add usernames and passwords
so i can use the log in...
please help..