Hello everyone!

I am looking to embark on a project to develop a new content management system! The system will be very much like a portal, and I am looking for volunteers!

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the project's community website at http://keefe.hyspex.com/cms

I would also appreciate it if someone could help me think of a catchy name? I think that if the CMS is going to be successfull it needs to have something fun to call it by! :mrgreen:

Finally, if you are interested in helping, but you think that your knowledge of PHP isn't good enough, you can still help! A content management system, as well as good coding, also needs graphics, structure, promotion and alot more!

I hope you will decide to help and look forward to seeing you on the project forum!

Cheers :mrgreen:

I could help :)

I do have my own CMS, but I can contribute code to yours.

Ok cool, go to the site, sign up, and I will add you to the dev team! :D


What is your system going to offer that Mambo, Drupal, Xoops etc don't?
It's a huge effort to create your own, when you could take an existing one and extend it further as part of their community.


Well, although nothing has been decided, it's possible that we will use code from other open source content management systems, and combine them into a single system that will have other advantages, such as an easy install process, high customisation ability, and of course, it too will be open source.

I would be very grateful if some more people could offer to help, with what is sure to be an exciting and rewarding project.


UPDATE: The site is going well... we have added a news system which we will no doubt adapt to suit the CMS

I can help you. Please let me know how to approach.

even i want to help u but url is not working