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I need help in this issue and if I solve it, I will solve all of my problems in the web program I am building. I have a list of cateogries where I can do 2 things: Start a new list under that category (list of sub categories) and there is no issue with that and second is edit the name of that category and this is where I have the issue. You see When I click on a certain category (no matter its position) I can locate that category via its ID number. Therefore, I direct the user to a page let's say, Edit.aspx?ID=##, in that file, I build my form and my issue is I can retrieve the value of the chosen category but I can't place its value inside the following element:

<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

to update the database when the user clicks on the save button. Is there a way to update the asp.net textbox via calling a sub and returning a value? You see it is important to do it this way because When having many elements in a single form, it would be a hastle and black work to build the asp.net controls in a Sub / Function which by the way, it did not work out for me also. I tried the below but it did work. It gave the actual code as the text value. Maybe you can understand my direction through the below code:

Sub that reads from the database by getting the ID through request.querystring (a classic ASP command), and then return the value of the category. Inside my aspx file, I set the following

<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" text="<%=ID%>></asp:TextBox>

Just above it I do the following

ID = callingsub()

I tried using ID = CallingSub() in the asp classic tags

ID = CallingSub()

But I used the TextBox1.Text = ID inside the aspx.vb file inside my function / sub. Below is what I mean:

Suppliers.aspx file:




<asp:TextBox ID="EditItem" CssClass="InputText" runat="server" direction="rtl"></asp:TextBox>

Suppliers.aspx.vb file:

Public  Sub DisplaySupplier()

Dim Item As String = ""
Dim Id As Integer
Dim mainId As Integer
Dim Level As Integer

Id = Request.QueryString("Id")
mainId = Request.QueryString("mainId")
Level = Request.QueryString("Level")

If mainId.ToString Is Nothing Then
mainId = 0
End If

If Level.ToString Is Nothing Then
Level = 1
Level = Level + 1
End If

Dim dr As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader

Dim sql As String = "SELECT * FROM tblSuppliers WHERE Id = " & Id

Dim SQLConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(SetSQLConnection())



Dim command As New SqlCommand(sql, SQLConn)
dr = command.ExecuteReader

While dr.Read()

  Item = dr("Item").ToString()
  EditItem.Text = Item

End While


End Try


dr = Nothing
SQLConn = Nothing

End Sub

Am I missing something here? This also does not work for the password field.



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another way to retrieve just one value from the database is using the executescalar method.
in that case you will add after this line

Dim commando As New SqlCommand(sql,SQLConn)
EditItem.Text = commando.ExecuteScalar().ToString()

ExecuteScalar return an object. so maybe you want to check if that object is not null first.
Try that.

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