I have a form in which a user can create from 1 table to 10 tables which will dynamically create 2 HTML radio buttons, 12 checkboxes and 1 select drop down and 7 input textbox per table in JavaScript.

I need help with printing the whole form with currently filled values.

I tried window.print() but it only prints which is visible on the screen. It doesn’t print the bottom section which you have to scroll down to view.

I also tried the following code as well but it prints radio buttons, checkboxes and select drop down with default value, not with the values currently selected or checked.

function CallPrint()
	var answer = confirm("Do You Want to Print The Case?")
	if (answer)
		var prtContent = document.getElementById('PrintArea');
		var WinPrint = window.open('','','left=0,top=0,width=1,height=1,t oolbar=0,scrollbars=0,status=0');


printing the whole form with currently filled values.

This message http://www.daniweb.com/forums/post1242269.html#post1242269 tells you where to find exactly what you need. [Sorry, but I still haven't posted it here as a snipper :(] The page mentioned in that message also serves as a demo, of course.

Parts #2, #3 and #4 are invariant. Just copy them into your page as instructed; AFAIK they are completely cross-browser compatible. Ummm, Windows browsers anyway: Chrome, Firefox, Safari(pc),Opera,IE8, IE7 and [in theory at least] IE6.

Part #1 is, of course, completely arbitrary. You can use any method to invoke function printNodeById(sId) with the 'id' of any node or element.

If you would like to see the function in a small 'toy' version that prints various input elements all filled in, let me know. I will - finally - make that up as the long-promised a snippet.

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