Can anyone tell me what is the difference
between scripting language and high level language

In my opinion, The high level languages like basic, c, c++, fortran etc are the software to achieve system oriented programming approach. And when coming to Scripting like python, php, perl etc are the software to achieve application and web oriented and many components are available to do scripting language. The high level language has no components that even has to be written by the developer. Thats why embedded projects are done in high level languages. Scripting language is something userfriendly.

thank u but can u tell me more
technically.Only javascript run in client side
remaining script happen in server side
with the help of their compiler
then wats the diff

We only using javascript for websolutions and not for system oriented approach (like measuring the speed of the computer or else) and not anything like embedding systems you can manage web applications in javascript and using server side script. In case of C, C++ or else not coming into the scenario of websolutions. They have the ability to work with chip programming and memory routines which was inside your operating system (means system oriented programming). I hope still more persons are here to explain