I have an ASP.NET app that uses code-behind modules that I need to publish on an internal company web server. I have access to the server, but my problem is that I can only access it through Windows Explorer, so I can't create a virtual directory on it or change any IIS settings (to my knowledge). Can anyone give me any advice on what I can do?

When you say you have access to it through Windows Explorer what sort of access are we talking about? FTP? Browser? Direct File System access?

If your company is requiring you to build an ASP.Net application for them their IT team should be providing you full access rights and methods to perform the setup as required.

Generally speaking, once set up, unless it was not set up to host websites/infranet sites you shouldn't REALLY need to make too many adjustments on the IIS side but you should at least be given permissions to manage virtual directory and DNS settings as required.

I would approach whoever is responsible for management of the web server with a list of your requirements such as:

  • ability to set up virtual directories
  • ability to manage DNS settings
  • ability to remotely connect to the server (FTP or direct via Visual Studio which would require FrontPage Extensions to be allowed on the server)
  • ability to manage IIS settings and update modules (if required to update to newer version of .Net in the event that the version on the server is older than your development environment)

They may be able to set up some of these things for you or they may simply set you up with permissions and tools to do it yourself. Keep in mind that any changes to IIS generally require a server restart and, as such, should be done outside regular business hours if there are other web-apps or infranet resources that are in regular use within the company.

Best of luck with your project. Please mark solved if this helped.