My web application developed on
O.S. ====Windows XP Professional
IIS ------- IIS 5.1 framwork 2.0
Database – Access2003

But when I access that application and do some of task on web page like add,modify or delete, below given error occured. Please do the needful if you have any collusion please mail me at <EMAIL SNIPPED>. Select query works fine.

”Server Application Unavailable”

But everything works fine when I deploy the dlls on Web-Server ( I guess error is due to some security settings.

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You need to capture the error message. In your Global.asax file do something like this:

protected void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e)
      System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
      Exception ex = Server.GetLastError();
      while (ex != null)
        sb.AppendLine("Message: " + ex.Message);
        sb.AppendLine("Source: " + ex.Source);
        sb.AppendLine("Stack: " + Environment.NewLine + ex.StackTrace);
        ex = ex.InnerException;
      lastErrorMessage = sb.ToString();
      //Log that message to the database so you can see it

Now I am getting the following error
Exception Details: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Could not delete from specified tables.

I am running this website on local machine and my machine is not connected to any network. In my case security dialog is not shown. My database resides in “App_Data” folder and this folder has full rights.

1. Since the application runs under ASPNET account, check whether that account has read/write access on .MDB file.
2. Check if the .MDB file has read-only file attribute set. if it is set read-only , remove it.

It is working fine after I made following changes.
I created a new account with administrator rights and added account information in Identity impersonate tag of cofing file.

<identity impersonate="true" userName="a" password="a" />

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