Hi all,
I would like to know which of the above scripting languages is better one.
It terms of the control they offer, variety of things you could do with them, easy of use and ongoing trends in the market etc from some expert in these.

Thanks for the help.

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First let me clear one thing: Of all the above only javascript is a scripting language.
Other 2 are not even languages.

What type of control/ease/trends are you talking about.

Hi pareshverma91,
You got some things mixed up. HTML DOM is a Document Object Model which is actually a convention for interacting with HTML in an object oriented style.
Ajax is Asynchronous Javascript and XML and this is a name for a group of techniques used on the client side for retrieving data from the server without interfering with the client side web page.
The only scripting language of the above is Javascript, which is an object oriented language used to make static web pages - dynamic. Basically it allows to "respond" to events on the web page, such as clicking a button, and change an already "dead" page to expand a textbox or enlarging an image for example.
The basics of Javascript are easy and fast to learn. You can start with http://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp to learn the basics.


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