Hello guys? You have been very wonderful, I have some stress. I designed a site and send the form details to an email address but Image will not or can not be sent along the other details I don't know why. Please I need help.
This is what I did.With the line Aspirant photo to carry an image to the email address

				$msg = "Message from Platform Form\n";
				$msg .= "Aspirant's Background:\t$_POST[aspirant_background]\n";
				$msg .= "Aspirant's choice:\t$_POST[aspirant_choice]\n";
				$msg .= "Aspirant's Offer:\t$_POST[aspirant_offer]\n";
                                $msg .= "Aspirant's email:\t$_POST[aspirant_email]\n";
                                $msg .= "Aspirant's Photo:\t$_POST[aspirant_photo]\n";
				$to = "info@helegrow.com";
				$subject = "Platform Submission";
				$mailheaders = "From: The site <> \n";
				$mailheaders .= "Reply-To: $_POST[sender_email]\n\n";
		        mail($to, $subject, $msg, $mailheaders);

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What do you expect to be in place of $_POST[aspirant_photo]?
Does it just contain an URL? The mail client will not automatically parse an image url to an image.

In this case you will have to send HTML headers, and use <img> tags to show the image.


first of all save all uploaded files to your website's folder.
Then give url of that location in img src.

$aspirant_photo = url of uploaded image
$msg .= "Aspirant\'s Offer:<img src='".$aspirant_photo."' /> \n";

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