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Firstly, your question is very vague and I'm not 100% sure what it is you're looking for here.

I'm going to make the assumption that you are looking to dynamically populate "News" bulletins related to your site so that users can see the "News" bulletins at the top of a web-form you have on your site each time they go to that form. Is that correct?

If this is correct then there is a simple method of doing this. It will, however, require the following:

  • A data source (dataBase, XML file, etc) from which to draw the "news" information
  • A procedure (generally in the code-behind) to read the data source
  • A dynamically populated text area of some sort in the front end (label, read-only textbox, read only text area, etc)

The basic process here being that your data source is populated with the "news" information you would like displayed to your page's viewers. The (code-behind) procedure connects to the data source and retrieves the most recent "news" and updates the dynamic text on the front end of your page.

The exact methods for doing all of this, however, vary greatly depending on what data source you're using, what method you're using for determining the current "news" to display and what textual output type you're using on the front end.

If you could provide some additional information as to how you were planning to implement this, perhaps we could be of more assistance in regards to the specifics of how to make it work :)


i m developing website for school and i want to print daily news on web form the user will enter news through text box how can i display or print news using this..........

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